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The Resumaniac team was able to provide me a really fast turnaround on my resume.  I was pointed to a position with a company that had a closing date of submission in two days and I was really concerned that my resume did not reflect my abilities the way I wanted it.  Having had my resume done already, my concern was that it was not customized for the position of interest and I knew I had the qualifications.  I spoke to Mike from the Resumaniacs and he asked me a few questions and I emailed him my resume.  Within a day he had my resume updated and customized fo that specific job.  I had applied for the position and was given an interview - I am excited to say that I recieved an offer in June and am excited to start soon.  They even helped me negotiate my salary and I was able to get around 5k more than I originally was offered.

Jennifer R - Somerset, NJ

Thank you to the Resumaniac company for your help.  I am a recent graduate from a local NJ school and although I had already recieved help from my career services department with my resume, I quickly realized that my resume was not customized for each company and industry I wanted to apply for.  So, I contacted the Resumaniac people through a friend who recommended them and they were able to provide me four different resume's for four different industries - Marketing, Public Relations and so on.  My degree was in communications and so it was hard for me to have one generic resume.  They gave me a great discount that I negotiated and I am now helping them by referring others to their services.  I strongly recommend using a service like this to help with the job search - they were really helpful and easy to work with.  Not to mention affordable.

William C. - Union, NJ

My situation was sort of unique in that I have been in the IT industry for over 15 years and my company was recently bought out and unfortuanetly I was let go due to the merger.  I had filed for the state unemployement benefits and through an aquaintenance came accross The Resumaniac company, when I looked at the site it looked like it was geared towards more younger crowds but I gave them a call anyways and was able to speak to a representative who for no cost spent over an hour with me on the phone talking about career goals and where to find great employmenent outlooks.  They recommended several websites I would never have looked at before.  Although I updated my own resume, they did a free look over for me and we agreed that once I have an interview then I would use them for the interview preparation service.  I am writing this note for them since I was so impressed with the wonderful service and people, I am amazed that they were so willing and happy to help and never pushed any services.

Jack E - Warren, NJ

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