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College Search

Solving the college planning paradigm can be a complex and frustrating process.  Let our years of professional college planning and admissions experience help ease the burden.  From the college search process to financial aid we can make the difference.  We will work with you and your prospective student in identifying the best fit and teach you what to look for in choosing the right academic setting.  Rankings, program quality, accreditation, cost and other measures are all important considerations in the college search  process.  With 10 + years of admissions experience working with graduate, undergraduate, transfer and diverse populations we have the inside ear in the college planning marketplace.

Scholarship and Financial Aid



Navigating the school funding arena requires the knowledge of where the scholarships are and how to uncover the ones worth your while.  Our experts will help you seek out the best scholarships based on your academic, professional and cultural qualifications.  We will work with you to educate what financial aid means and how your expected family contributions income plays a role in the funding you receive.  We will also provide you resources for best factors in managing your financial aid and awards over the totality of your academic career. 


Each college and university has required deadlines and guidelines for admission.  Let our experts do the grunt work of creating an application profile for you.  We will help you with your personal statement, letters of reference, resume, interview skills, broaden your application reach and help in follow up with a decision process.  We also offer direct apply, where we will work with you and identify factors that increase your chances of admissions to your top choice schools.   Our team will help in ensuring you are focused on your success while we do the background work to help make your career path a success.

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