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About Us:


                                      The Resumaniacs is a full service career development company that aims to serve as a career                                                 catalyst for professionals seeking employment.  Whether you are currently a student, a recent                                             graduate, transitioning careers, or just looking to move up the ladder; our goal is to help you                                                 develop your job searching skills and finally net that next opportunity.  We truly are crazy about                                           your career success, our consultants are trained professionals with years of extensive experience                                         in various professional disciplines.

                                      Our services include, but are not limited to resume writing, cover letter development, coaching on career search methods, training for interviews and speaking at several engagements in the tristate area.  We also work to ensure that you are fully optimized and weaponized in your career resourcing, social media presence on Linkedin and are savvy to the employment environment in which you wish to work.

Furthermore, The Resumaniacs mission is focused on helping baby boomers, generation x, and millennial professionals attain the necessary skills to be the best brand of themselves.  Working in collaboration with you, we will customize the most optimal value for your career pursuits, develop a plan for job search and create a peer to peer connection.

We pride ourselves on being an affordable alternative to the many expensive career development options currently in the marketplace.  Our team will ensure that you are satisfied with our results as well as provide many add on resources for your career success.  We are personally vested in your future!


Michael Yakubov

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