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Let our experts help showcase the best you.  Our resume professionals will customize your resume and cover letter to reflect your best assets that stand out to employers. We will work with you to highlight your most valued achievements while using the most cutting-edge resources in getting you noticed.  Resume writing is part bragging and part informational content that has to be presented in the right context that will get your future employers attention.  With the use of the right formatting, context and appeal you will stand out from the hundreds of resume's that flood each human resource office.  We will work hand in hand with you to build and develop customized and optimized resumes' and cover letters' that target each career area with scientific percision. 


Resume Services Ranging from $149.99 - $499.00

Resume and Cover Letters Starting at $299.99
 Upgrade  (3 Industry Focused Resume & Cover Letters) for $799.00

Resume Writing and Cover Letters

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This is a great option for new-comers to industry, recent graduates and career changers! Today's technology, information and hiring needs are consistently changing at a rapid pace and the need to adapt and be recognized by employers is an essential part of getting that career opportunity.  Our service includes resume development, online job seeking assistance, online and social media portfolio development, coaching and career consulting.  
Let our industry professionals train you how to target the right job offerings, develop a career plan and seek out the best resources for success.


Starting at $99.99 / 1.5 hour sessions
 Upgrade  (Include Social Media Kit) $149.99

Career Coaching

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You finally got that call and have been invited to an online, phone or face to face interview with your prospective future employer. Let our experts show you how to ace the interview and screening proccess to help get you to that second interview and negotiate your offer.  We will coach you proper body language tecniques, proper use of power terms and answer strategy.  We will train you to showcase your best assetts, how to research the company and make sure you are fully equipped for your interview.  One of the greatest mistakes people make in job interviews is not knowing enough about their company and not showcasing your best value to the company when it matters most.  This often leads to no follow up interviews or future opportunities for consideration.  


Starting at $129.99 / Session

Upgrade  (Include Company Research Profile) $149.99

Interview Preparation and Development

Group Training and Presentations

In addition to our career development services, our experts also host a number of presentations that can be provided to corporate groups, schools, and multiple audiences throughout the tri-state area.  Presentations can be hosted and customized to your groups needs.  These include but are not limited to public speaking training, speed sales training, etiquette training, self branding and job search.  Contact us today to learn more about pricing and booking information.

Contact Us For Group Pricing Information


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Your social media presence and professional profile is an essential part of your visibility to prospective employers.  Talent looks for talent and if your profile is not
up to par, you will continue to get passed over and lose possible connections that can lead to greater career opportunities.  Let us help you customize and develop your LinkedIn profile that highlights your skills and gives you access to connections. Additionally, we will provide you several recommendations to help jump start your social presence.


Starting at $99.99
 Upgrade  (Include 2 Other Social Media Profiles) $149.99

LinkedIn Profile Development

In addition to the above service offerings, we also include an on call service for your career development needs.  This includes quick career consultations as needed related to your job hunt, upcoming job interview, career sourcing and networking.  

This service is included with any of the above packages for up to one month.

On Call Service and Advice

College Planning and Development

In addition to the career development resources, we offer a comprehensive consulting service for college planning and development.  Our collective experience of over 10+ years in the admissions arena can serve as a valuable asset in your search process.   Our goal is to help take the frustration out of college planning and help guide you in the right academic path through education and consulting of how to seek out the best college for you, scholarship and financial aid as well as application management.

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